Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Ever since I scratched my cornea about a month ago (during girls’ night out), I have had to wear glasses and abstain from contacts. I can’t help but share about my plight!

I currently have punctal plugs in my eyes. They are made of collagen and dissolve in about a month. Here is another interesting procedure I’m considering called Lipiflow. It costs an arm and a leg but is supposed to provide relief from dry eye for about a year.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thought-Provoking Soup, a blog maintained by Grace Cheung, a Brown University senior who grew up in Forest Hills, is entirely personal, much like Crews’ site. But hers is a world seen through the eyes of a 21-year-old Chinese-American, born in the United States, who hopes to enter medical school in the fall. Meanwhile, she still faces final exams and deadlines for academic papers, all of which she writes about in her blog.

One of Cheung’s entries looks at the pressure she has begun to feel, but in an upbeat, funny style, the manner in which most of her site is written. She is “starting to panic,” the passage says, “and my coughing has gotten exponentially worse from intermittent sleep and shots of caffeine.”

Another entry discusses being indoors for hours, studying and surfing the Web, while the sun is shining. But she discovers another blog and is greatly inspired, the passage says. “Sure, it’s gorgeous outside, but sitting in front of this computer isn’t so bad.”

Interviewed by email, Cheung said she created her site a year ago, during several months of study in Vietnam, as way to “keep in touch” with friends from college. But the site “exploded to much more than that,” now drawing about 350 hits a week.

Cheung, a literature and culture major, likens the blogging “phenomenon” to the public’s growing interest in memoirs and calls herself “a big proponent” of the online journal.

“Blogging,” she wrote, “encourages people to be more philosophical, to dialogue with each other about mundane things … or to discuss why the war occurred in Iraq.”

Astoria, Flushing Lead Queens in Blogging (TimesLedger, May 20, 2004) 

My personal blog made it big 10 years ago yesterday!

Starting to reminisce as I approach my 10-year college reunion.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

happy 2014

2013 has been an incredible year. Looking back, I accomplished 2 out of 4 quarterly goals and made a ton of progress on my final goal. Those were:

Q1: Get a boyfriend <3

Q2: Get a new job 

Q3: Get healthy (not a SMART goal, by the way, which accounted for its failure - that and I got the flu and an ear infection in Cancun, crippling my third quarter, compounded by lack of health insurance which a whole other story)

Q4: Sign a contract on my first home purchase 

I demystified residential real estate in NYC, hooray! All thanks to my awesome broker who figuratively held my hand through the process. I have a great team.

I also made incredible leaps in leadership in the business world - taking my first General Assembly and McKinsey business course, participating in a leadership program at work, learning so much at SXSW 2013 from speakers like Elon Musk and Al Gore, and going to Personal Democracy Forum as a Google Fellow and feeling the progress for women in tech. I also took on my first freelance social media client, which was a fun and informative experience. 

I had a great summer: rooftop farming in LIC, learning growth hacking, hanging from a trapeze, walking my first 5K for charity, riding CitiBike, going down to the Jersey Shore every other weekend just like other New Yorkers did. It felt really great to leave the city.

I had the best birthday ever this year in the Lower East Side surrounded by everyone I love, happy hour drinks and a Yunnan Chinese feast. It’s all about the odd years.

I spent a lot of time in casinos this year and visited Atlantic City more than once, enjoying the ocean, boardwalk and its characters. Great all American trips: Tarpon Springs, Florida; Jamaica Plain, Boston; Philadelphia, Delaware Water Gap, Wildwood, New Jersey, and crossed the border to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. 

I said goodbye to my Pau Pau, my beloved grandma in July. 

Next year’s resolutions:

  • Discipline. Fit into my jeans, be on time, go to sleep early, go kettlebell kickboxing. 
  • Data. Get really good at Excel, Google Analytics, my budget.
  • Determination. Work on my house and home.

I also want to go to church more and visit London and Peru.

Here is to a happy and healthy 2014!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Here are my 3 submissions for the Chinese Calligraphy photo contest as part of the New York Chinese Character Festival, going on now through November 3rd. Which one do you like the best?

Monday, September 2, 2013

5 Major Themes From My 100 Things

In doing the previous exercise of listing 100 things that make me happy, there weren’t really any surprises. I know myself pretty well, to the point of boredom at times. However, aside from the obvious desire to work in social media for social good, here were my 5 thematic learnings:

  • Local/Global. No wonder why I live in Queens - it’s the perfect combination of neighborhoods and enclaves with an ethnic, international flair. I am drawn to the local level, whether it’s local nightly news to Patch-type reporting to municipal innovations. But I’m also interested in global foods, culture and peoples, especially Asia and Southeast Asia. I should become a member of WNYC.
  • Wellness/Healthy Living.  Studying Buddhism in Vietnam and being a pre-med student in college must have left a lasting impact, because I love all things crunchy and am obsessed with wellness. For example, I read all the New York Times articles on how sitting on your couch will take away years of your life. I knew I should’ve interned with Dr. Weil when I had the chance, and doing editorial for something like the Omega Institute also piqued my interest.
  • Food-Tech. I love eating! Why not combine it with my love for social media? Seamless, Foursquare, Meetup are all startups that I am super passionate about. Should I review food - like every aspiring writer in New York? I remember my Asian foods and Asian films column for the Thai newspaper I used to work at. It could be fun to revive that even casually.
  • Sensory Stuff and Getting Messy. Hand me my smock. Lately I’m into gardening, cooking, anything tactile that involves getting my hands dirty. I know that I don’t have fine motor skills for building architectural models or surgery, but I do love plunging my hands into a sack of beans like Amelie and mashing up avocado with my bare hands. Perhaps I should learn to bake bread. Get closer to the earth.
  • Asia. I still have a strong love for Asia, my study abroad and work abroad destination of choice. I’m really happy exploring the land. Maybe a visit to Shanghai or Lhasa, Tibet is in order. Or get more involved in the Asian American Writers Workshop.

Again, no real surprises but a confirmation that my passions are beginning to gel now that I’m a thirty-something.

WAIT. Could my dream job be to work for Whole Foods and doing their corporate philanthropy blog, which would somehow involve business trips to Asia and live demos?

100 Things That Make Me Happy

A group of us mid-level women at work decided to come together and meet regularly over dinner and drinks, discussing our careers, leadership and other such good things in life. The first meeting took place at a Mexican speakeasy in Chinatown. (Needless to say it was awesome, with warm chips, five levels of spiciness of salsa and a $35 “pineapple bomb” drink special.) Our first assignment this Labor Day weekend is to come up with a list of 100 things that make us happy and comb through to find 5 themes that could be applicable towards our next job. Here’s my stab at this, in really no particular order.

  1. Dumplings
  2. Yoga
  3. The woods/trees
  4. Southeast Asia
  5. Outdoor movies
  6. Color printers
  7. Sushi, esp. omakase
  8. Hotels and guesthouses
  9. Cocktails
  10. Being near water
  11. Documentaries
  12. Party hip hop
  14. Cooking
  15. Gardening
  16. Coffee - esp Intelligentsia
  17. Dim sum
  18. Greek yogurt
  19. Asian bakeries
  20. Breakfast
  21. Bagels
  22. "Modern Love" column of the NYT
  23. Horoscopes
  24. Lychee-based drinks
  25. Riding on the backs of motorcycles
  26. Continuing education classes
  27. New forms of storytelling
  28. Personal Democracy Forum
  29. Adopting interns
  30. Foursquare
  31. Maps
  32. Casual sneakers
  33. Bookstores and libraries
  34. Museums
  35. The Olympics
  36. Fake meat
  37. Oysters/raw bars
  38. The idea of Maine
  39. Writing
  40. Wine/sommelier-wannabe 
  41. French things
  42. Immigrants
  43. Tearing up the dance floor
  44. Grilled cheese with tomato
  45. Diners
  46. Feeling like you’re making a difference
  47. Medical care
  48. Wellness 
  49. Parkas
  50. WNYC
  51. Reproductive health
  52. Scripture readings
  53. Astoria, Queens
  54. Singing for fun/spontaneous jam sessions
  55. Brownies
  56. Small group conversations
  57. Traveling to new places
  58. Night markets
  59. Pay days
  60. Face-to-face meetings
  61. Social entrepreneurship 
  62. Social good
  63. Clean and orderly environs
  64. Magazines
  65. Seamless Web
  66. Cats
  67. Chinatowns
  68. Tropical rainforests
  69. Google Hangouts
  70. Journalism
  71. Tina Fey
  72. Film festivals
  73. Teamwork
  74. Philanthropy
  75. Japanese grocery stores
  76. Running in parks
  77. Fiction
  78. Digital marketing
  79. Nonprofit communications
  80. Salsa dancing
  81. Hillary Clinton
  82. My boyfriend, obvs
  83. Post-it notes
  84. Collecting art from friends
  85. Health food stores
  86. Instagrams of babies
  87. Cronuts and other viral food
  88. Trivia nights
  89. Meetup.com 
  90. Southwestern U.S. design
  91. Socks 
  92. Celebs and humanitarianism
  93. Local anything (news, food, municipalities)
  94. Urban foraging
  95. Mushrooms
  96. ikat prints
  97. Reality shows on Bravo
  98. Bartending
  99. Jazz
  100. Beaches
Wednesday, May 29, 2013
This is my life

This is my life

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I got totally derailed after I went to SXSW Interactive this year. Here’s a clip from one of my favorite speakers, Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, Tesla and Paypal - on thinking big and dedicating his life’s work for the greater good of humanity, whether it be through space, electric vehicles or the Internet. Yes, he’s worried about whether or not we are going to move a colony to Mars in his lifetime, and he’s going to beat NASA too it by building his own private rocketships, because the sun is going to explode soon!

My other big takeaways from SXSW this year:

  • Rise of the Physical/Digital to Analog/Makers of Hardware - Brooklyn’s Makerbot leading the charge towards self-replication
  • Big Data, Big Problems - Nate Silver on data + insights, and the rise of privacy/intimacy in the face of too much data (like Path)
  • The Message, Not the Messenger - It’s not about the next Myspace, it’s about the utility of social media and how it actually improves your life
  • The Science of Virality - loved Jonah Berger’s talk on his new book “Contagious”

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The NoMad Hotel, NYC

My new personal project is the 21st century library. Stay tuned.


The NoMad Hotel, NYC

My new personal project is the 21st century library. Stay tuned.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Gold Medalist in Tumblring

Ha! Too cute.